Monday, August 19, 2013

Pre Wedding Info

All inclusive BBQ 5:00 - 8:00 on property Friday night.  118 Deye Lane, Eastsound, WA 98245

If you need to know where you'll be staying and don't know yet, call or text Tessa. Pick up an Orcas Island Map on the ferry.

If you are walking on, there will be a wedding provided shuttle only on Saturday for the:

12:35pm sailing
3:50pm sailing

Look for Jon holding a "Nichols Wedding" sign at the end of the walkway. His cell #425-359-0868

IF you happen to miss Jon, or need it for Friday - there is an island shuttle for $5 or $15 for a day pass - 360-378-8887. 

Click here for schedule. It meets every ferry and circles around the island.  

If you use this shuttle, get off at Island Market Grocery Store. Walk behind store to the East to the next street which is Madrona. Follow the directions below. It is a nice 10 minute walk or less. 

IF you're driving on, there is NO parking on the property for the wedding. You may only park here for BBQ Friday and Brunch Sunday. For Wedding, you must park behind The Orcas Island High School: 557 School Rd. Eastsound, WA 98245. Do not leave any valuables in your car and be sure to lock it.

From the ferry follow the road north toward Eastsound village. Turn right on Main Street into Eastsound. Turn left onto Madrona St. At the end of the road, turn right onto School Rd. Go behind school to sports field parking.

Walk North across sports field. There will be a marked path to Wedding property. Follow the path and watch for little signs pointing the way.

***There will only be one wedding provided shuttle to the last ferry Saturday night. It will leave at 10:00. Look for Jon.

***There will be a brunch for guests and family who are still on the Island. 10:00 AM Sunday - at the property.

See you Saturday at 6:00!!!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013


   It was late July, Kindlings Fest was already underway. He had cut his hair. His ponytail was a bit shorter than in past years, and she noticed. She had to comment, "What happened to your glorious hair?" His bewildered reply went well with the puzzlement on his face, "My what?!"
   That week butterflies were stirring, as in any love story, but it took him admiring her shiny new shoes (that were a fanciful shade of red). He was mid stride and walking past her when he uttered those fateful words, "I really like those shoe's." She melted inside - the simple sincerity of his generous words carried her until she would see him again.
   Fast forward to mid-September. The air was still warm on the Island. Her family had made a day trip to feed the masses, and fill their bellies with the delights of Paella. A feast from the heavens, the Spanish spice infused the air with added heat. She was supposed to be slaving away, as part of the team serving the multitudes, but she had a moment of weakness. The hunger welling inside her was for more than mere nourishment for her growling stomach. After noticing that she was sneaking a break, he politely asked if he might sit and have lunch with her. She gleefully accepted the offer of such a handsome lunch companion.
   They sat and talked about music, life, cooking, eating, opera, and such delights that this life brings. He informed her that he had just bought season tickets to the Opera, and would you believe it, she fell for him on the spot. The way he thought, the things he was interested in, the aesthetically pleasing, artful way he lived his life, was all part of that fall. She could imagine a life with him as he spoke of all the things he held dear - and this was only after an hour (or more) of talking with him!

   They were soon interrupted by people who noticed a lack of work being done. So they reluctantly returned to their designated duties. As he was stuck behind a table for the rest of the evening, she offered him some dessert. Later, as her family was preparing to leave she found it hard to say goodbye. So when the time came for her to go, she found him fiddling with a piece of paper. She approached and prepared her departing words. He smiled his most dashing smile, and said farewell. As she turned to leave, he slipped her a piece of paper. He informed her that it was quite difficult to reach people via telephone, but he would really like to talk to her more. She glanced at his note. It was his email address.
   I could simply say "The rest was history" and be done, but to its credit, history is a beautiful thing. After dating for a few months, an over sea's journey for our young heroine, and a few magical evenings spent spoiling her at the Opera, our hero decided it was time to ask her father for her hand in marriage. And so, as they were sitting, talking about life, dreaming of a future, Mark asked Tessa if she would marry him, and spend the rest of their lives laughing, dreaming, cooking, and learning together. It was the best December 16th in the young couple's history.
   Through tears of joy, and long distance trials, this couple has made it their goal to live well and love much. Between his craving to learn and her hunger for adventure - I see, dear reader, a life full of simple, everyday joys and a journey all their own.